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Blue Orange Asia Digital Marketing manages top fintech, software and financial service brands in Singapore, creating B2B lead generation campaigns that deliver better long results and better customer retention for your business.

Fintech marketing is an integrated strategy designed to communicate your financial services app, API software or smartphone technology to customers in a personalised compelling way.  When a Fintech marketing campaign is executed properly, it significantly increases your company's new business opportunities, by highlighting your product unique selling points and competitive advantages.

An outstanding fintech strategy will,

  • Driving more traffic to your app or website
  • Encouraging better CRM customer loyalty
  • Build a powerful social community
  • Expanding your line of financial service offerings
  • Strengthening your customer acquisition, generating more brand sales and revenue growth


From digital banking payment gateways, API Software to SME new business, our B2B creative services include,  1;   Implementing Gamification Campaigns  (one of the most common marketing tactics used in today’s financial services).   2; Enriched Content Marketing (a tried-and-trusted method to engage an audience better).    3;  B2B Lead Generation Marketing Campaigns.   4;  Fintech Community Management  5; Fintech Brand Audit, Analysis and Consultation.  6; Influencer Outreach Campaigns. 7;  B2B Funnel Marketing.  8; Fintech PR Media Outreach Campaigns.   9;  CRM.  10;  Fintech Branding Design.  11; Fintech Strategy.   and Strategy.  12; SEO Optimisation.  13 ; Google Top Ranking PPC Advertising.


Singapore is a global hub for Fintech as well as Southeast Asia's financial hub. In addition Singapore has become a magnet for fintech startups. With the huge Asian market close at hand, the city-state has enhanced its strategic importance for businesses with innovative technologies and services for smartphones. Singapore has built strong technology capabilities, a highly educated workforce and a strong regulatory framework. These qualities come in handy for incubating fintech ideas that provide fresh solutions to the financial services industry and consumers.

According to CBI in 2023, there is more than 170 fintech “unicorns” or startups valued over $1.2 billion. This makes the industry very attractive to newcomers. Industry watchers and analysts are expecting another wave of companies in the next few years as we continue to see early fintech startup employees move on to start their own businesses.

The market's largest segment is Digital Payments with a total transaction value of US$20.95 billion in 2023.  An  average transaction value per user in the Alternative Financing segment is projected to amount to US$65 million in 2023. Furthermore, Neo banking segment is expected to show a revenue growth of 22.5% in 2024.

Leading Fintech Brands in Singapore include Coda Payments, Advance Intelligence Group, Atome Financial, ShopBack, Nium and Bolttech.


1. Digital Only Banks;  these are banks that only exist in the  virtual world and offers global payments, P2P transfers, contactless master cards and easy access to buy and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. 

2. Neo Banking. Neobanking, though often used interchangeably with digital banking, is conceptually different. A neo bank exists solely online without any physical branches functioning independently or in partnership with traditional banks.

3. Artificial Intelligence.  The A.I. fintech market is projected to grow to $22 Billion by 2025,  A.I. is used to predict consumer behavior and enable effective buying of targeted and personalised products. This will offer multiple opportunities to marketers.

4. Payment Innovations. There are multiple components of payment innovations in fintech such as mobile payments, contactless payments, e-wallets, identity verification technology, A.I.  and machine learning for security.

5. Embedded finance.  Embedded finance is a new fin technology that will grow rapidly in 2023. The idea of embedded finance is to integrate payments for loans, insurance, debit cards, and investment instruments with almost any non-financial platform.

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